Casey Reese, son of the legendary Chip Reese, is dead at the age of 20. The poker world is saddened by the news. Phil Hellmuth alluded to something late last night on his Twitter feed.
"Heard some bad news from Vegas. Hope its not true."
Daniel Negreanu confirmed the tragedy in a forum post on his website.
"I was at Bellagio last night when we all got the news. Very sad. Everyone took it pretty hard. Kid was 20 years old, an incredible baseball pitcher, super smart, good looking kid... very sad. Chau [Giang] was a very good friend of both Chip and Casey and while he came down to play poker he just couldn't do it. It was a shock. People were both sad, and also pretty angry at the same time."
Doyle Brunson wrote about the incident on his blog and provided the sad details.
"It seems like yesterday when my nephew called and gave me a message that made my blood run cold, 'I think Chip just died' he told me.
It happened again yesterday, only this time it was Chip’s only son, Casey Reese. Casey was found in his apartment from an apparent overdose of prescription drugs. I had seen Casey a few days ago and he looked great. He was very handsome and extremely personable. I will always remember the closeness between Chip and Casey.
My deepest condolences to the Reese family. I feel like I’ve let Chip down but I don’t know what I could have done to help Casey."
Chip Reese died at the age of 56 in late 2007. In a New York Times article following Chip's death, the reporter wrote that "Unlike many gamblers, Reese could leave a table when he was losing: he was once $700,000 behind when he left to watch his son’s Little League game."

Casey Reese leaps over catcher in 2006 Sunset Regional Championship.

Casey is survived by his sisters and his mother. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Reese family in this difficult time.

[Image via LVRJ]


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